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Occupational Health_Display of the persons in propose list

Hi All,

I am working on SAP EH&S- Occupational Health.

I am trying to use the functionality of assignment of health surveillance protocols automatically to a person; I have assigned some persons to a work area through Exposure group. When I run propose protocol, system is not displaying the persons who are supposed to be assigned with the protocol.

If possible please guide me on the functionality: automatic assignment of protocols to a person

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Srinivas Nookireddy

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    Posted on Dec 04, 2008 at 09:37 AM

    Hi Srinivas,

    follow these steps

    The following describes the process for automatic assignment of protocols to persons. This process should be repeated at regular intervals so as to take into account any change of workplace and the amount of exposure to agents. It is advisable to do this at the end of the month, when most organizational changes take place.

    When the fine-tuning function is started certain restrictions can be placed on the execution there-of

    u2022 immediately generate the proposal list with the necessary protocols.

    u2022 schedule a job and use a report that will run the fine-tuning process at a specific time.

    During this fine-tuning process, the system checks which agents are assigned to the personu2019s organizational assignment (exposure group, position etc.) in order to determine which agents the person is exposed to. Then the system compares the exposure levels with the trigger levels for the health surveillance protocols. If the exposure levels are too high, the trigger levels are exceeded and the person has to undergo the health surveillance protocol in question. If the protocol has already been assigned manually to the person, it is marked by a green symbol.

    When fine-tuning is finished, the system displays a proposal list containing the health surveillance protocols found. You can do the following with this proposal list:

    u2022 Accept proposal: You can accept the health surveillance protocol proposed by the system. The protocol is not included the next time fine-tuning is run, and the system proposes the person for a medical service

    u2022 Reject proposal: You can reject the health surveillance protocol proposed by the system. This means that the protocol should not be performed for this person in general. The assignment of the person to the health surveillance protocol is deactivated.

    u2022 Ignore proposal: You can ignore the proposal. The health surveillance protocol is included the next time fine-tuning is run.

    1. Access the activity using one of the following navigation options:

    Transaction Code EHSSUGGP

    SAP Menu Logistics  Environment Health and Safety  Occupational Health  Schedule Planning  Propose Protocols

    2. In dialog box, Personal Setting for X enter default values and safe or by pass by choosing Enter. By choosing indicator Do not show box in future it can by-passes when transaction is executed again.

    3. Choose Enter

    4. If there is no proposal list before, the system asks to create a new proposal list or not. Choose Yes. If a proposal list already exists, ignore this step.

    5. Choose Schedule Job or F8.

    6. On the Execute Report in Background screen, enter the following data:

    Field name Description User action and values Note


    Variant Name AGE ANALYSIS

    This Variant hasnu2019t been created, should be created based on following steps.

    Choose Variant or press F5.

    On the ABAP: Variant u2013 Initial screen, choose Create.

    On the Maintain Variant screen, choose Current Year.

    Choose Attributes.

    In Meaning field, input proposal of age analysis.

    Choose Save.

    7. Choose Execute Immed.

    8. Choose Back.

    9. Select one person, for example Ian.

    10. Choose Start Adjustment or F7.

    11. Choose one protocol category, for example 004.

    12. Choose Accept.

    13. Choose Yes.

    14. Choose Back.

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    • hello all 😊

      I´m new in this issues, but if i can help, i will do it.

      The Exposure groups are only necesary if you don´t use IHS.

      The IHS objetc Work Area contains the Risk Agent an it´s Exposure value.

      The EHSASSLTA transaction will transfer the Exposure values from the Work Area to the linked OM objetc (S,P,T,C), putting them in it´s 1403 LTA Infotype.

      Now you can run the Proposed protocols.

      It works for me.