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Dec 03, 2008 at 05:54 PM

CRM Survey in B2C Internet Sales Application


We have CRM 2007 and are live with B2C Internet Sales Application (ISA). Now we want to make Customer Surveys accessible via B2C ISA.

For security reasons, we do not want our B2C Internet Customers to have access to the CRM system. Therefore the BSP option is ruled out. I have seen some blogs on how to enhance security for BSP option but that is also not approved in our organization so BSP option is totally ruled out.

SAP help documenation mentions following:

Internet Scenarios

Since Internet users cannot be allowed access to the CRM system for security reasons, surveys have to be made accessible in a different way. You can do this by downloading the required HTML survey to your PC. From here, you can:

Copy the HTML survey into any Web site

Send the HTML survey attached to an e-mail

Internet Scenarios

In Internet scenarios, results can be returned by the following methods:


In this case, a mail client, for example, Microsoft Outlook, needs to be set up in advance on the client machine. Survey results are sent to a CRM Server Mail User, that is, a u201Cmachineu201D user. From here, the results are routed to the CRM system for further processing.



The http(s) case is recommended, because the user does not have to have a personal e-mail account. Here, the survey results are first sent to a Survey Mailer. The Survey Mailer receives the http request and then mails the results to the CRM Server Mail User, where they can be processed. The Survey Mailer needs to be set up by the administrator at the customer.

For presenting the Survey on ISA, we would like to take the option of Copy the HTML survey into any Web site as suggested in SAP help and would like to get back the results as per SAP help recommendation of https(s) above.

We need guidance on follwing

1. How to download and then copy the HTML surveys into any website (ISA)

2. Detailed steps that are needed for gettting back the survey results.

By the way...we do understand the survey functionality and have been successful in testing the BSP option so we are not looking for general information.