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cross selling

Dear friends,

Could you please help me out to resolve this issue ?

When entering material in sales order u201CCROSS SELLING MATERIALSu201D pop up box not appeared

Simply entering material saved.

I done all assignments

What is my mistake i dont know

Many thanks in advance for your help !!!!

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2 Answers

  • Dec 03, 2008 at 04:18 PM


    below is the process of cross selling configuration-See what you missed.

    Cross selling is a concept by which the business can improve the sales. By using this concept the business can offer combination material for ordered material.

    Ex: If the customer placed for the order for computer then computer stand can be suggested as a combination material. It can be mapped by using cross selling concept that uses condition technique.

    When the user raises the sales order and specifies ordered material then system automatically pup-up a box in which system displays suggested material

    Configuration settings:

    1) Define determination procedure for cross selling:


    - IMG

    - SD

    - Basic function

    - Cross selling

    - Define determination procedure for cross selling

    a) Create condition table:

    Here we define condition table ex: - material

    b) Maintain access sequence:

    Here we define access sequence ex: C001 and assign condition table ex:011 that we define in previous step.

    c) Define condition type:

    Here we define condition type C001 and assign it to access sequence C001 that we define in previous step.

    d) Maintain procedure:

    Go to new entries and define cross selling profile Ex: CS0001 and assign our condition type C001 that we define in

    the previous step.

    2) Maintain customer/document procedures for cross selling:

    a) Define customer procedure for cross selling:

    Here we define customer cross selling profile Ex: "B" -- cross selling

    b) Define documents procedure for cross selling:

    Here we define document cross selling procedure ex: `B"- cross selling

    c) Assign document procedure for cross selling to sales document:

    Choose sales document type "OR" and assign document cross selling procedure ex: "B"

    3) Define and assign cross selling profile:

    a) Define cross selling profile:

    Go to new entries, specify cross selling profile key with description

    - Specify cross selling pricing procedure (CS0001)

    - Assign the pricing procedure (RVA001)

    - Specify cross selling dialog box indicator W

    If it is "A" u2013 dialog box appears only in request.

    It is blank u2013 dialog box appears in request and after date is released

    Check cross selling ATP indicator: If you check it , system carry out ATP check for cross selling product.

    b) Assign cross selling profile:

    - Go to new entries, specify sales area

    - Specify customer cross selling procedure u2013B

    - Specify document cross selling procedure u2013 B

    - Assign cross selling profile -- CS0001

    Maintain condition record for cross selling (VB41):


    - Logistics

    - SD

    - Master data

    - Products

    - Cross selling

    - VB41

    Specify condition type C001

    Specify the order material, select condition line item

    Click on alternative material icon and maintain alternative material with cross selling delivery conditions options

    Blank u2013 Out bond delivery takes place regardless of main item

    "A" -- Out bond delivery only if main item has been partially delivered

    Go to VD02, sales area section of sales tab

    Assign customer procedure for product proposal - B

    Save it and exit

    Go to VA01; raise the sales order with order material.... check the effect.



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    • Former Member

      Hi Manoj

      I did same procedure Before & i did what u r sending But pop up is not getting .

      thank you


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    Dec 03, 2008 at 04:23 PM

    Dear Sreenivas,

    Please check:

    1. SPRO > IMG > Sale and Distribution > Basic Funtions > Cross selling--> Define And Assign Cross-Selling Profile

    Sale Area that you are using to create sales order must be assighned to cross selling profile.

    2. T. Code: VB41/ 42

    Check whether cross selling related condition record is maintained for that material.

    Best Regards,


    Note: Few threads, for help:


    [SAP Help|] (check in left side link: BAsic Function in SD

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