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Dec 03, 2008 at 12:25 PM

how to create an url for bsp page to access in IE?


hi friends,

I am new to BSP topic.

I have created 4 BSP pages. and 1 Main BSP page. Now in Main BSP page i attached all the 4 BSP pages links.

Now when i test the Main BSP page it will show all the 4 BSP page links. All are working fine.

But the end user has to access this through IE by typing Main BSP page full path. It's some what becoming critical to enter full path. It will be access in internally(intranet) only not outside.

For this i want create an URL like http://empess.

When the user type this URL http://empess in IE and press enters then my main BSP page has to open.

How to do this. any helps will appreciate...