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Dec 03, 2008 at 06:39 AM

Set input/output field values at MM03


I have created a subscreen and is able to save the data at MM02 into a customized table. Now, I need to make the data available at MM03. I did a SELECT from the customized table and pass the value to the fields which I have declared at TOP in PBO as follows:

LOOP AT gt_find INTO gwa_find.

MOVE gwa_find-zpromo_matnr TO ztamm_t_0002-zpromo_matnr.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data1 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data1.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data2 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data2.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data3 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data3.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data4 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data4.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data5 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data5.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data6 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data6.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data7 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data7.

MOVE gwa_find-zadd_data8 TO ztamm_t_0002-zadd_data8.


When I debug, the values have been successfully assigned to the field variables. But when I execute MM03, the values do not appear at my subscreen. What should be the right way to get the data displayed on the subscreen in MM03?