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Dec 03, 2008 at 04:44 AM



Hi all,

Can any one please explain the use of RFFOEDI1 program. Is this program used just to generate I-Doc?

Scenario: For Check payment method(C)

Once F110 run is successful, then we have to run RFFOUS_C program to generate checks. Once this program is complete, checks will be generated and the check info will be available in PAYR table.

Scenario: For ACH-CCD payment method (D)

Once F110 run is successful with payment method D, The payment details will hit BSAK table.

Now, I don't want to generate the SAP standard I-Doc with RFFOEDI1, do I still need to run RFFOEDI1 program???

For the check payment, RFFOUS_C program triggers the generation of checks after which the check info will be available in PAYR table

Likewise, does the RFFOEDI1 program has any implication on the ACH direct deposit?


To my understanding, If you do a payment using payment method, ACH direct deposit in SAP, we don't generate any check numbers ???!!!

Do we get any reference number or anything when the direct deposit is done??? This reference number could be used to trace the invoice against which this ACH payment was done!

If it is the case, where do we get/ when do we generate the reference number to trace the invoice????.....any inputs?

If we are not going to run RFFOEDI1 program, (if we are not interested in generating IDoc) then are we DONE with the ACH direct deposit, once we are done with payment run(F110)???

Where do we get the reference number which specifies the ACH payment?

Sorry, I have poured in lot of question at one place!

Any inputs/ solutions/ suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot!