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Dec 02, 2008 at 09:10 PM

BI refresh java export process stuck while creating sdmkit.jar


HI Experts,

Problem during homogenous system copy during java export

To export JAVA of production into to quality we faced some problems.The cause was that the SDMkit.jar file which is created during Java export can be of maximum 4GB in size but in our case this was greater than 4GB (4.47GB).Therefore,the SDMkit.jar was not being created properly.

We referred to SAP for this and they suggested that either wait for SP17(as there is a limitation with Java API) or try to update components through SDM.

Since SP17 is still not available we tried the to update components through SDM(components with any version).It started fine but got stuck at 68%. Now sp17 released and still sap says these bug has not been fixed.

The problem with the createsdmkitjar command is still not fixed. If the problem is fixed in some SP, the note about the problem 1169806 will be updated. Till that time the only possible workaround is described in the note.

We tried with all work around options as per note 1169806.


Error: Error during command execution Throwable:$PackException Throwable

message: Error while

creating /sapcommon/frodojavaexport/JAVA/SDM/SDMKIT.JAR

invalid entry size

Processing error. Return code: 4

Error: Processing error. Return code: 4

It would be greatful if any one can help us in solving these problem.