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Former Member
Dec 02, 2008 at 12:27 PM

Refresh Callable Object if changes are made to VC Start/End points


Looking for some guidance on how to refresh a callable object once I have already brought it into my application.

I have a VC application that I can use as a callable object during my GP process. During design time, I can select it and see the start and end points. I then can map those values and use them in the GP.

If I go back and change the VC application (make a change to the start or end point ... like a new variable or name change) how do I get my GP to recognize that there is a new version of the VC application? Currently I have had to delete the CO and rebuild it...Id rather the tool tell me the version has changed and that I need to remap/group my values.

Note that if I change anything between the start or end point in the VC application there is no problem, since all the GP cares about are those start/end points and how they relate to the rest of the process.