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Dec 02, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Problem with Class Table Interface in Web Item


Hi Guru,

Iu2019m using the Abap Class to redefine the method which I want to change, (e.g. DATA_CELL) if I want to change the display of the data (e.g. fix width cells).

I create a new ABAP Class which inherit from Class CL_RSR_WWW_MODIFY_TABLE.

So, in SAP BW release 3.x, I add the following Row to the Coding of the Table item in my Web Template:



<param name="MODIFY_CLASS" VALUE="MY_CLASS_NAME">. It works correctly.



Unfortunately, BI 7.0 does not support the table interface.

In Web Item BI 7.0 I try to write the same coding generated in BW 3.x but anyone correct result! (java script is different to html code!)

How it is possible to implement same code to fix width cells (in one or more Analysis_Item) in Web Template BI 7.0?

Thank you so much!