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Dec 02, 2008 at 11:06 AM

Pricing procedure


Dear Gurus

I need your help in regard to the condition Value( Mainatained in MM - Pricing Schema), which should not be added to the inventory value at the time Goods receipt. For example

Material - A, the price control of the material is mainatained as Moving Average Price

Basic Price - Rs.10 / Quantity - 100 / Stamp Charges - Rs.20

While Doing the Goods receipt the following FI accounting docoment is to be created

On Goods Receipt

Debit Inventory G/L A/c - Rs. 1000

Debit Stamp Charges Receivable - Rs. 20

Credit GR/IR Clearing Account - Rs.1020


Debit GR/IR Clearing Account A/c - Rs.1020

Credit - Party. - Rs.1020.

Could you pls. suggest in details, how to mainatain the MM - Calculation Schema to adopt the above process.

Thanks in Advance