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Dec 02, 2008 at 10:12 AM

New tax codes / condition type for VAT 15%


We were using condition type MWST for 17.5% for VAT for output tax for SD module. For FI, we have tax code , which is defined thru FTXP.

Now the requirement is, that the VAT is changed to 15%. Now instead of changing the existing code to 15%, i am creating a new tax code, which i have done. I have also crearted condition type by copying from MWST.

Now, the user wants, that if any any trxn is entered after 1st Dec'08, 15% is applicable. Is this possible ?

OR i have to physically type the new condition type in SD module.

Are there any more settings for new tax code ??. I have done the earlier 17.5% settings since long, hence not able to recollect, if anything else is left.