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Dec 02, 2008 at 09:44 AM

Decimal places missing when building a universe on top of a sap bi query



we built a universe on top of a sap bi query with several key figures. When creating a webi query for this universe the original decimal places will not show.

We have tried the following:

- Define the object format of the keyfigure as "#.##0,00" in webi --> the keyfigure gets decimal places, but always "*,00". The orginial decimal places will not be showed.

- Define the object format in universe --> same problem as defining the format in webi.

- Take the formatted value of the keyfigure --> decimal places will show correct, but we cannot make a sum of all rows. This is because the formatted value is a dimension, not a measure.

- Save the formatted keyfigure value as a mesaure --> measure cannot be showed in webi Error: "#Datatype"

For example:

KF original 123,45

KF from universe 123

KF formatted 123,00

formatted KF 123,45 EUR

formatted KF as measure #Datatype

Is there any solution to show the correct keyfigure values from sap bi in universe included all decimal places???

We would be very glad if anyone can give us a solution or a hint how we get the decimal places!



P.S. we use BO XI 3.0

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