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Dec 02, 2008 at 08:36 AM

Material Availability Date Questions



I have a client who requested to configure a route for a new customer..

I configured the new route: R1, it has 22 calendar days transit time, and 3 working days transportation Lead time.

Then she create an Export Order on 12/01.

Indicating the Required Delivery Date of 12/30.

Then Automatically the:

Material Availability Date defaulted to 12/8;

Goods issue date 12/8;

Loading Date 12/8;

Transportation Planning Date 12/3.

1. Am I right in saying that the computation for the Material Availability date for the above example is based on the indicated Required Delivery Date which is 12/30? Is it 12/30 - 22 days (transit time) = 12/08 MAD? Considering also that the material will have a stock that time (based on Planned orders)?

2. And then regarding the transportation Planning date, am I right in saying that it was computed 3 working days from MAD 12/8? (weekend 12/6 and 12/7)

3. How can I possibly configure the Material Availability Date to be 25 days from the Required Delivery Date without any impact to Transit time of 22 days? Is there any other way? Its like 22 days - Transit time and 3 days for material preparations?

I'll appreciate any prompt response. Thanks!