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HANA XSA Portal Service Independent App Support

Hi all,

currently i am working on creating an Fiori Launchpad on top of HANA XSA. For this purpose i am using two modules which are generated through the WEBIDE for HANA. One is the content deployer and one is the entry point of the Launchpad. Now i am searching for ways to integrate independent SAPUI5 applications through the Fiori Launchpad. Therefore, i analyzed the @sap\site-entry node.js module and i found in the server.js this code:'Support independent app toggle: ' + toggles['SUPPORT_INDEPENDENT_APP']);
    if (toggles['SUPPORT_INDEPENDENT_APP'] === 'true') {
                xsappConfig: xsAppJsonMerger.getXsAppConfig(process.cwd()),
                getRouterConfig: (approuterExtMgr.getRouterConfig).bind(approuterExtMgr),
                getToken: (uaaMgr.getAccessToken).bind(uaaMgr)
            approuterExtMgr.createFLPconfigurations(xsAppJsonMerger.getXsAppConfig(process.cwd()), JSON.parse(process.env.destinations || '[]')).then (() => {
      "Supporting independent application");
            }).catch(err => {
                logger.error("Fail to start server: " + err.message);
    } else {
            xsappConfig: xsAppJsonMerger.getXsAppConfig(process.cwd())

I added to my @sap\site-entry application in the destination variable to the URL links to the fiori applications. Now my question how can i set the toggle 'SUPPORT_INDEPENDENT_APP' flag to true? Currently my fiorilaunchpad applicaton is not setting it up. Therefore i get an error when the launchpad wants to route to this URl with an unauthorized error message.

In the readme of @sap\site-entry is no documentation how this module is working or where we can set up the SUPPORT_INDEPENDET_APP. Hope somebody can help me.

Futher question: Is there a way to integrate independent apps into the Fiori Launchpad. I know we can use the content-deployer for this use cases. However, then the applications are not accessible through the URL because the normal app router is not configurated.

The perfect scenario is that i can setup the URL endpoint in the destinations variable of the fiori launchpad application. In the xs-app.json i set up the route and in the site-content.json i can set the resource path and the app router is automatically redirect the request to the corresponding SAPUI5 application. Currently i get an error message that this request is not authourized. I set the forwardtoken to true and both application using the same UAA instance.

Best regards,


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