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Dec 02, 2008 at 08:01 AM

Team Deployment and Development


Hi everybody,

we are a team of about 8 developers and we are working together on the project, which is an JEE Application (ear).

We use for SCM. Everybody checked out the svn-projects (web, ejb, ear-app, dictionary) as SAP-Development Components using the same local names (I dont know whether this is important).

Now, each of us is developing a component on his own. We made packages inside the EJB Module for each component. Everytime one of us wants to test something, he deploys the whole EAR on the server. This process takes about 3 Minutes or so.

Upon each deployment, the whole application is replaced, which obviously removes the previous deploy of another developer.

Also, if one sets the server to debug mode, for the next deployment, we have to switch back to standard mode, deploy, and set to debug again, which takes approx. 6 Minutes...


So I have a couple of questions regarding the improvement of out development process:

What is the best practice for our component architecture? Is it okay, to use the same EJB-Module together or should we make an EJB Module for each of us?

How can we change our settings, so that each developer has his own application on the server, to avoid application replacement on the server?

How can we configure the URL of these applications ("Pretty URLs")?

How can we configure the Server to stay in debug mode during the whole process (avoid switch-back before deploy).

What is the best practice for testing our EJBs? We are currently building JSPs, which is a little clumsy.

Thanks in advance!