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Dec 02, 2008 at 06:37 AM

No reversal rec in 2LIS_0TRTLP on reassignment of diff shipment to delivery


Hi all,

We are using datasource 2LIS_08TRTLP to fetch shipment delivery item data into BW. Daily delta is scheduled to fetch records.

We are now facing an issue when a delivery is reassigned to another shipment, there is no reversal record for the original shipment-delivery combination.

e.g. a delivery XXXX is created on 16.10.2008 & is assigned to shipment 'A' on 16.10.2008.

This record got loaded as new record in ODS in daily delta load with gross weight of delivery say 10.

now on 18.10.2008 this delivery XXXX is removed from shipment 'A' & is reassigned to shipment 'B'.

when this fetched in BW, another new record got created with delivery XXXX with shipment 'B" with gross weight of delivery 10.

But this does not create any reversal record for the unassigned shipment 'A'.

Due to this in the report on 18.10.2008 it appears that delivery XXXX is assigned to both shipment 'A' & 'B' which is not the case.

Could you please guide me if any setting is missing or how can we get reversal record when the shipment for a delivery is reassigned.

Thanks & Regards,