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Former Member
Dec 02, 2008 at 06:17 AM

Post shipment Charges.


Hi friends,

We have an issue to handel the post shipment charges as follows, Please suggest if you have any solution.

In a Typical Export consignment, there are various post delivery charges after the Delivery is created ex: Inspection charges, fumigation Charges, CHA Charges, Freight, etc which are not to be recovered from client and needs to be paid to respective vendors.

1.The information is to be captured in SD for information purpose.

2.The payments have to be made to third party based on SD documents, there should not be any duplicate payments possible and there should be a link between SD and FI documents.

3.When payments are made to the service provider Service Tax, Education Cess and Secondary Education cess should be deducted and the amount should hit CENVAT account.

Challenges in SD:

1.The client does not want to use MM route to create Service PO as there are too many transactions to be created.

2.If the amount is made Statistical it is not hitting the GL Account.

3.If it is not made non-statistical it is hitting the Customer Account which should not happen.