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Dec 01, 2008 at 08:26 PM

Customizing Task Title in GP - passing info from Process to Process



I have a scenario where there are 4 sequential blocks. The first block has two actions. In the first action, I call a VC app that sends a PO number to an endpoint which I then take and display in the second action task title. That part is no problem.

The problem is when I want to use that same PO number in the second process block in the first action. Its not a required field, or a list, so I created an additional parameter and referenced that in the customized task title reference.

Next I mapped the PO num from the first process block, 1st step to my new additional parameter in the second block, first action. I also should mention that the first step of the second block is a call to a VC app that expects the PO number in the starting point.

When I run the GP, the PO number shows up in the VC app but NOT the task title. I've tried several combination's of mapping from the first block but so far nothing will allow me to use that PO number in the title.

It seems like once the 'variable' is populated in the process block I can use it to display in the task title but I cant pass it into that same variable from block to block.

Any ideas?