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Dec 01, 2008 at 06:46 PM

Triggering event of delegated BO



I have following problem: I have custom BO, YBUS1065 which is a subtype of BUS1065 (employee). I have BUS1065 delegated to YBUS1065. My custom BO implements additional methods needed for my workflows (i.e. for employee leaving company).

The problem is, the event 'companyleave' of BO BUS1065 gets triggered when employee leaves company (through transaction PA40), but I need 'companyleave' event of BO YBUS1065 to get triggered. I thought this would be done after I delegate BUS1065 to YBUS1065, but seems the opposite is taking effect, when I simulate the event 'companyleave' of YBUS1065, also 'companyleave' of BUS1065 gets triggered.

Is there a way how to solve my problem? Getting triggered an event of my custom BO?

Thanks in advance.