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Dec 01, 2008 at 06:44 PM

DumpLoad Task vs. Manual Processing


Hey Experts!

I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but I've only started working with BPC in the past month and I'm reviewing our current processes and looking for ways to improve things.

Currently we have an SSIS Package that loads quite a bit of data into one of our AppSets and at the end of the process, it kicks off a DumpLoad Task to Process the Cube utilizing the "Full Process" option.

After this package with the DumpLoad Task is run, we have an analyst who goes into the Admin Console, clicks "Manage Dimensions", chooses the same AppSet, clicks "Process Dimension", Chooses "Application" in the Select By: radio button, does not check "Take System Offline", does not check "Process members from member sheet", and does check "Full Process". He believes this last step is necessary to make sure the cube is completely processed.

My initial thought is that this last step is a redundant process. It seems from the documentation I've read, that the DumpLoad task should be fully processing the cube when the SSIS Package is run. And the additional step to process the application manually seems like it may be unnecessary. Can anyone confirm this? Or is there some reason why the application needs to be manually processed after loading new data? Is it possible that the DumpLoad Task is not as thorough as the manual process?

Any insight is greatly appreciated!!!