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Dec 01, 2008 at 04:31 PM

Settlement message in service project settlement



I am having issue during period end closing. Settlement say no accrued amount found for settlement. But when I see report project has the following values,



Total= -500

Should these costs/ rev need to be settled some where as a period end closing? If yes then where? CJB2 generates profitability segment rule.

Do I need to run WIP before settlement? Project is already billed. (When I go there WIP shows this error 'KJ217 revenue are not planned')

When I do not bill customer only charge employee hours in project. WIP shows value and allow executing. And so the Settlement of project. So can settle expanses to PA and see report.

Addition Info:

We are creating projects from contract. There are services provided to customer in this particular scenario.

We are assigning employee hours from CATS and activity planning from CJR2 on WBS.

Billing customer using RRB and creating billing doc and invoice from there.

WBS has RA key assigned for RRB

Settlement rule automatically generate rule to settle in PA segment.