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May 18, 2018 at 07:26 PM

Message: Object can only be created in SAP package?


object-can-only-be-created-in-sap-package.pngerror-info-object-can-only-be-created-in-sap-packa.pngHi Folks,

We have a requirement like to add some new fields in to Self-Service Launchpad. Since it is standard one and OData implemented by using Code Based OData we changed teh config by using these transactions /IWBEP/REG_MODEL and /IWBEP/REG_SERVICE. Those std. MPC and DPC classes are Final classes so i cannot enhance to achieve the requirement. we copied both classes in to 'Z'. and i changed the model class and data class.

while changing the classes by using these transactions /IWBEP/REG_MODEL and /IWBEP/REG_SERVICE, we got the message 'Object can only be created in SAP package'. so what all i wanted to understand is does this config change will affect out existing ESS application?