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Dec 01, 2008 at 11:27 AM

Year wise data for an Archiving object


Dear All,

Here is my scenario -->

1. I have an Archiving Object.

2. There will be many DB Tables which are linked to this Archiving Object.

3. Now I want the Year wise data of these DB Tables of that particular Archiving Object.

4. I've created a dynamic internal table to fetch the data from the DBTs depending upon the Archiving Object specified on the SSCRN.

5. Now in my Dynamic Internal Table say I have the content from DBT MSEG.

6. Now, in MSEG there will be a field MJAHR for the date.

7. So depending upon the values of this MJAHR Field I need to group my internal table data.

8. In some other cases the DBT may be BSEG. In this case the date field will be GJAHR.

9. In this case the internal table data should be grouped by the GJAHR Field values.

10. So, now my Question is :

How do you group your internal table content Year wise in this dynamic internal table content scenario?

Hope I'm clear in explaining my scenario !

Any help is appreciated !

Thanks & regards,