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Dec 01, 2008 at 11:02 AM

how to get & display pa30 notes in BSP??


Hi All,

We're using r/3 4.7, ESS 50.7 and MSS 60.120. I have created an iview which is based on a BSP. In this BSP we need to display information stored against a person in pa30. Some of the infotypes have options to store notes on them. My question is how do i get these notes to display them in my BSP.

I have tried the following and it outputs nothing:

tables: pernr.

infotypes: 0035.

data: key like pskey.

data: begin of ptext occurs 200.

data: line(72).

data: end of ptext.

data: p_date like sy-datum,

p_pernr like pernr-pernr,

p_endda like sy-datum,

p_begda like sy-datum.

p_pernr = '02000122'.

p_endda = '20081217'.

p_begda = '20081126'.

rp-read-infotype p_pernr 0035 p0035 p_begda p_endda.

loop at p0035 where itxex eq 'X'.

refresh ptext.

move-corresponding p0035 to key.

import ptext from database pcl1(tx) id key.

loop at ptext.

write :/ p_pernr,ptext-line.



Any guidance would be most welcome,