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Dec 01, 2008 at 09:52 AM

Issue with displaying images from


Hello all,

I'm new in developing with NWDI and I'm having this small problem:

in (which includes productlist.jsp) there are two links with a product's code and a products description, which when clicked, navigate to productDetailsISA.jsp with the details of the product. While the images of all the products from other jsp's (for example from ProductsISA.jsp) display correctly in the ProductDetailsISA.jsp, there is a problem with the images of the products from bestseller and recommendations jsp's (they both include productlist jsp).

The code for creating the links *in productlist.jsp is the following:

  •"/><%=ShowProductDetailAction.createDetailRequest(product,displayScenario) %>">
  • <%=JspUtil.encodeHtml(product.getDescription()) %>

    </a> </li>

    and the code for displaying products's images in ProductDetailsISA.jsp is this:

    <td width="7%" rowspan="2" headers="Product image">

    <img src="<isa:imageAttribute guids="DOC_PC_CRM_IMAGE,DOC_P_CRM_IMAGE" name="webCatItem" defaultImg="mimes/shared/no_pic.gif"/>" width="250" height="250"/>


    I have no idea how isa:imageAttribute tag works, so I was wandering if this problem is somehow connection with the inner workings of this tag.

    Could someone help please?

    Thank you very much in advance