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Dec 01, 2008 at 09:46 AM

Multiple BI-systems uses same datasource on a backend system (2LIS_02_HDR)


Hi Gurus,

I changed some settings on BI-system #1 using a LO datasource (e.g. 2LIS_02_HDR).

Now I would like to reload the data from the backend (SAP EEC 2.0).

"Unfortunately" this datasoure is also in use by BI-system #2.

My question:

If I rebuild the PO-data in the backend prior my init run in BI (delete the entry for 2LIS_02_HDR in RSA7 for BI-system #1, do LBWG for Application "02" (PO-data) and rebuild the PO-data with OLI3BW).

Will BI-system #2 be affected (e.g. due incorrect deltas)?

Kind regards,