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Intercompany STO and condition Control

Hi Experts,

Within the copy control(delivery to billing) the price source maintained as A, i am bringing a z condition type from STO to billing.There is a custom routine which does the conversion of CWT(maintained in SD condition record) into lb to derive at the condition base value.In my STO, UOM is PLT.In STO 1 PLT =1000lb. Now in my copy controls i have a routine which is basically for restricting several deliveries into one billing document.As i checked this custom routine is not doing anything to the conversion.The KUMNE filed inside the z condition type detail screen at billing which is inside the quantity conversion reads as follows.

1000 CW >> 100 lb. (conversion = 1000*(100*1000lb)=100000000.

Due to this my condition base value becomes larger and is wrong.This should actually be :


I am obtaining this correct result when i remove this custom routine from copy control VTFL. And also that my cond.control field shows A when i remove the routine,where as in the error case this changes to D. The 1000 in KUMNE field value comes from KONV and KNUMV is fetched from ekko when i try to create billing document.How to resolve this.Can anyone share any idea on how to restrict this?

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  • Appreciate if anyone can provide an input

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1 Answer

  • May 18, 2018 at 07:06 AM
    I am obtaining this correct result when i remove this custom routine from copy control VTFL

    You have already found out the issue. You need to check once again the validation set in custom routine. Also have a look at OSS note 772558

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    • Hi Lakshmipathi sir,

      I validated with the help of an abaper but nothing in the code is doing this.Not only that i cant remove this routine since it is working for other copy controls and its purpose is to control combining of different deliveries into one document.