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TBB1 posts principal repayment of borrowing to the wrong G/L after TPM15M


TPM15M does the reclassification posting from long term to short term G/L account correctly at month end (via TPM15M valuation class trf +TPM18).

BUT when the actual principal repayment gets posted via TBB1(for example a few days later) , this one still gets posted against the long term debt G/L account (while it should be posted against the ST debt G/L acount).

We can see in TPM13 that the valuation class has indeed changed from LT to ST.

I notice that on both portions of the position, the account assignment reference is still directing toward the long term debt G/L.

Is there anything wrong in the customizing? Shouldn't the valuation clas change not trigger a change in the account assignment reference in order to redirect the future principal repayment postings to the short term G/L? How to achieve this?

Thanks !


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3 Answers

  • May 18, 2018 at 11:05 AM

    Hi Carl,

    A change in the Valuation Class will not change repayment GL account, it will have impact in your Position Managment Procedure (PMP) and in Valuation Process. If you want to change repayment account you will have to use TPM28 to change AAREF and then TPM18.

    In SPRO, "Define Account Determination" the "Valuation Class" is not a parameter for Account Assignment.

    Kind regards

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  • May 18, 2018 at 12:58 PM

    Hello Gustavo,

    Thank you for your answer. I am not a customizer myself, but

    1. I see that one can include the GVC as source of the determination of the AAR.

    What is your comment, please?

    2. I also refer to note 1515125 where it is stated "Different PMP and ARR can be assigned to the two positions".

    Do they refer (without saying it explicitly) that one has to run TPM28?

    Thanks again !


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    • Hi Carl,

      I have not implemented this note, but from the reading I would suggest the following.

      1) Create an AAREF determination for Short Term as It would have impact in TPM15M. I assume it is created.

      2) It is my understanding you need to activate these note as a soft mod for the AAREF reclasification. trx TEST_SOFT_MOD and enter SAP note 1515125. Have you followed all the note ? modify table TRGC_COM_VALCL ?

      3) TPM28 is a solution for all the transaction, but you only need current position.

      Kind Regards

      PS: Good Call on the note

  • May 20, 2018 at 01:32 AM

    Hi Carl,

    You need to customize new account derivation rule for both the valuation classes - ST AND LT. Then assign the required GLs based on the new AAREF. As long as you maintain AAREF and derivation rule your posting should be fine.

    Also if u are on lastest EHP or on S4 version you don’t need to activate the soft mod. The functionality is by default activated. If not then u need activate card he soft mod

    There is no need for TPM28.


    Nikhil Adke

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