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Former Member
Dec 01, 2008 at 04:29 AM

DTW can not import BP Master Address tab (default)


Hi, all

I have some problem using DTW import BP master.

I want to import default Bill to and ship to by BusinessPartners.txt (template).

After doing import, although there is no error, Address tab has no data.

(any other information can be imported)

I really wonder why I can not do that because I can do it before....

For example,

BilltoDefault, Address, City, BilltoState, Country, and

ShiptoDefault, MailAddress, MailCity, and so on..

The reason why I don't want use BPAddresses template is each of Bil to and Ship to address are only 1.

Version is 2005B PL39 and PL41.

I'll appreciate your help!!