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Nov 30, 2008 at 03:03 PM



Dear gurus,

I'd like to learn from your experience with Badi CHECK_PIR_CONS_REDUC.

I want to use it to change the standard logic of consumption, and consume PIR in plant A not only by GI for delivery (strategy 10) in plant A, but also by GI for delivery in plant B.

The business scenario is: PIRs in plant A (the manufacturing plant and also the plant where I run MRP) actually represent the overall sales. Some of the sales though are done from stock that was transfered from A to B (the distribution plant) via intercompany STO.

I have already done an enhancement that is showing stock of B as a supply element in A, but am still missing the consumption mechanism to go along.

Can it be done with this Badi?

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.