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Former Member
Nov 30, 2008 at 10:19 AM

NO Materials CIFd


Hi all, esp. CIF troubleshoot experts,

What could be some possible reasons for products and location-products not being CIF'd to APO despite the transfer showing successful. I have done the basic checks like integartion model and existence of materials in ECC. There is no CIF error and no application log for materials. but materials arent created in APO- neither global nor location level

I mean i dont see global products and location products in APO at all. I began with deleting all products in APO by setting deletion indicators and permanenetly deleted then a the day before. should this prompt you. ! What is the importance of RCIFIMAX and CIF_IMOD tables. I mean what do i infer from it. I tried fiddling around with whatever says but was not successful. Pls. advice.

Data is cifd in the desired sequene, starting with locations, All models are active. No conistency errors in CIF models this time.

PS: just to give a background, it all started with correcting APO inconsistencies in a freshly copied system that finally led to to despair deleting systematially all MD and TD.