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Former Member
Nov 28, 2008 at 05:11 PM

CRM2007:Change a Business Partner Role or Create a BP with a different role


Hi - we have created a new role ZADDR and I need to programmatically create about 90,000 BP's from a flat file which I have imported into a Z table.

I have used BAPI_BPCONSUMER_CREATE to create the BP's no problem but they are then in the role CRM006.

I have tried to change the role using BUPA_ROLE_CHANGE but keep getting the message 'NO changes were made'

call function 'BUPA_ROLE_CHANGE' 
         iv_partner                   = lv_bpid 
         iv_partnerrole               = 'ZADDR' 
         iv_x_save                    = 'X' 
         et_return                    = lt_return 

Can anyone tell me either how I can change the role or create BPs with the role of ZADDR instead of CRM006?

Many thanks - Nigel