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Nov 28, 2008 at 03:52 PM

Adding the tax condition type after customer pays



I have a strange situation.

The customer has payed the invoice amount and evrything is cleared and the complete Order to Cash cycle is complete.

Now my client wants to charge the customer with the tax amount (implemented later) on the invoice that is already been cleared.And that amount should as usual go to the tax G/L account. There are not many Condiiton types but just the base price condition type and tax condition type.

I have maintained a necessary condition record for MWST.

SAP transaction wise I am thinking to create a normal sales order of the invoice amount (Base + Tax condition type) and then complete the order to cash cycle.And once it is completed I would create a debit memo request and subsequent debit memo for the base price which would be adjusted later.

This will solve my basic purpose of Tax amount goin to the tax account.

This is only for few SO in the production

Please let me know in case anyone has a better idea.