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Nov 28, 2008 at 01:15 PM

Recovery backup prior the last and all following log until last minute


Hi Guru,

The scenario is the following:

I must recover the db from a full backup prior the last full backup. The last backup was damaged. In order to recover until the last second I must restore the prior backup and the log between this backup and the last, and all log following the last bakup. The restore is without initialization, so the log area is also restored into the database. During the procedure I don't find this procedure. I'm able to recovert until last second only with initialization, or restore previous full backup and following log until the next full backup.


Backup full A Log1 Log2 Backup full B Log2 Log3

|__________|____|__________|__________|___| Log Area: 30% not saved

| |

Sucessfull Damaged

Restore chain:

Backup full A + Log1 + Log2 + Log3 + Log4 + Log Area 30% ---> System Consistent

How can I implement this scenario? I try but I have no success.

Please help me.

Thaks in advance.

Fabio Sambugaro