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Nov 28, 2008 at 01:07 PM

MI31 Inventory: Max. number of selected materials



we are actually working on the selection of physical inventory documents (transaction MI31).

When we select all materials of a plant (by only selecting the plant and leaving the material fields empty) the transaction works fine.

But when we select one or a few range of materials, the programm creates a short dump:



016080 * Read all materials (MARD, MARA) for this plant

016090 select (l_t_mchb_fields)

016100 into corresponding fields of table l_1200_t_mchb_lean

016110 from MCHB as a

016120 join mara as b

016130 on amatnr = bmatnr

016140 where a~matnr in l_t_matnr_ra and

016150 a~werks = l_s_aux_param-werks and "only 1

016160 a~lgort in l_t_lgort_ra and

016170 b~MTART in l_t_mtart_ra and

016180 b~matkl in l_t_matkl_ra and

016190 ( b~attyp in l_t_attyp_ra or "EXLUDE!!

016200 b~attyp is NULL ) and

> (l_t_mchb_dyn_cond).


016230 if sy-subrc is initial.

016240 * fill keys for further database selection MARC, MCHA, and MCH1

016250 loop at l_1200_t_mchb_lean assigning <S_MCHB_LEAN>.

This interruption must be caused by the number of material in the selection (in line 016210).

Does anyone have an idea how many materials can be selected at the most at the same time in order to avoid the interruption of the program?

Thanks and Regards