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Nov 28, 2008 at 12:26 PM

Fixing columns in CAT2 Data Entry View with MAINTSEM data entry profile



I had posted a thread on another forum saying I couldn't fix columns that won't be affected by horizontal

scrolling in the data entry view of CAT2, now that we use SAP ECC6. (I had posted this thread in "ABAP, general" but I deleted it by mistake). Since then I've found a solution to our particular problem but I'd say it's rather a hack than a real solution. Anyway it works in our particular case, and I suspect a bug in our version of SAP.

In the initial screen of CAT2 with MAINTSEM data entry profile, I can fix the number of columns. But I notice in Administrator mode that columns positions are all negative. If I want to fix say 3 columns, I just type "3" in Administrator mode (NO. of fixed cols).

That's not the case for the data entry view with GEN PROD data entry profile (also with other profiles). All positions are positive and if I look in Administrator mode, I can hide columns. In Administrator mode, columns should be sorted by their positions when they are visible, but that's not the case because I have :

- Sender Grant : 12

- Project : 133

- Project Description : 134

- Subobject : 135

- Project Subobject : 136

- Rec. CCtr : 13

(130, 131, 132) are at the bottom of the list.

I've just discovered that if I hide columns 133 to 136, I can fix columns like in the Initial Screen. Any idea why columns 133 to 136 aren't sorted correctly ?

I suspect very much this problem to prevent me from fixing the columns.

Kind Regards,

Robert Derochette

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