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Nov 28, 2008 at 10:23 AM

Help with NWDI and VC 7.10 Integration


Hi we have been following the guides for configuring NWDI with VC on this link

Our CE is 7.10 SP5 and NWDI is 7.00 SP 16.

SID CE : CED host:arrossap05 SysNr: 02

SID NWDI : ESN host:arrossap05 SysNr: 00

SLD is configured in ESN.

I will describe what we have been doing so you can have a good picture of what is done and where we have doubts.

1.Configuring the SDIC Service on CE

sdic.default.devconfig to ESN_VISUAL_D

sdic.sld.url to http://arrossap05:50000 ( we have tried /dtr too) false ( this parameter was not to be found)

2. Configuring the Repository Services Service

automaticsync this is by default false, in the help says you should check it that it is true,

but in my case is not, so should I change or not? We have changed it to true.

basic.authentication false

since we are USING SSO between CE and NWDI ( if this is not the correct aprroach,

please let me know).


default value, it states that this is the password of the sdic.nwdiservers.admin.user

but nowhere does it say in the SDIC service that I should change this



default value, it doesnt have a * so we leave it that way.Please informe if we have to

changed this

3. Configuring the Development Server Service

ds.core.persistency.absoluteroot C:\DevelopmentServer\ ( We have another default value, should

we change to this path? Default value is


ds.env.nwdi.defaultpackageprefix The package prefix for the NWDI name server that was defined

during the DTR installation. This is related to the Track or the

whole DTR, where can I find this prefix.???

ds.repository NWDI_RA

ds.synchronizedRemoteDeployment this was defualt to false, we have changed it to true.

4. Track Build

We go to Deploy and Change in NWDI ->Create and Application Skeleton ->

There we set the track VISUAL as a VIsual Composite Application 7.10

Then we load all SCA into the track to dev and cons.

Problem is when we try to add the VC model to the DTR, when we click save nothings happends.

PLease could someone help me configure this.