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Nov 28, 2008 at 09:56 AM

form type of a code generated form


hello everybody

I created a form programmatically and i want to handle the click event of one of the buttons of this form.

But i am using SAP DE, so as you know for handling this event i should have a class MyButton which extends B1Item which has a constructor like

public MyButton ()
    FormType = "xxx";
    ItemUID = "yyy";

I didnt specify the formtype of the form i created, how can i know which formtype was created (i mean of course i can see, but will it always be the same in every installation), in order to replace xxx ???

If i specify the formtype what happens if it is already used by another form???

Is it a solution if i assign statistically to the class MyButton the formtype just after i create my form???

any kind of suggestion will be appreciated