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Nov 28, 2008 at 04:13 AM

AT END and AT New Commands



While using AT END command i am facing one problem...

I have all the data present in the internal table l_i_item_temp with BELNR as a first field.

After the loop statement the l_wa_item_temp contains the actual values.

However after triggering of AT END of event, the fields values after BELNR are becoming garbage values in the work area l_wa_item_temp.

IF l_i_item_temp IS NOT INITIAL.

SORT l_i_item_temp BY belnr.

LOOP AT l_i_item_temp INTO l_wa_item_temp.

AT END OF belnr.

l_wa_item_data_temp-belnr = l_wa_item_temp-belnr.

l_wa_item_data_temp-augbl = l_wa_item_temp-augbl.

l_wa_item_data_temp-bldat = l_wa_item_temp-bldat.

l_wa_item_data_temp-xblnr = l_wa_item_temp-xblnr.

l_wa_item_data_temp-shkzg = l_wa_item_temp-shkzg.

l_wa_item_data_temp-dmbtr = l_v_dmbtr1.

l_wa_item_data_temp-zfbdt = l_wa_item_temp-zfbdt.

l_wa_item_data_temp-zbd1t = l_wa_item_temp-zbd1t.

l_wa_item_data_temp-zbd2t = l_wa_item_temp-zbd2t.

l_wa_item_data_temp-zbd3t = l_wa_item_temp-zbd3t.

l_wa_item_data_temp-rebzg = l_wa_item_temp-rebzg.

Also if we try the same with field symbols the actual values are getting filled in the field symbol.

So i just wanted to generally we use work area in looping before using the AT END command even if it givein the garbage values.

And why there is a different behavoiur with the work area and the field symbols in case of AT END events.

Thanks in advance for your help.