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Nov 28, 2008 at 01:52 AM

No body text in email with Notify function


Hi! I have just sent up a workflow and include here 2 notify calls. As far as the workflow is concerned, it works. However, the email notification did not work so well.

First of all, a summary of my workflow set up:


-> Branch (validate a price change)

-> Stop - Check in data if no price change

-> Assign - Set status of record to 'To be approved' if there is a price change

-> Notify approver

-> Process to send to approver

-> Branch (validate status = approved)

-> Stop - Check in if approved

-> Notify administrator if rejected

-> Stop - rollback record

In both email notifications, the body text did not come through. For the second notification, I have maintained the following text with variables:

The Following Records have been rejected by the Approver:

The repository name: %RepositoryName%

The table name: %TableName%

The job name: %JobName%

The record id and display fields of the job records:


Does anyone know what I might have missed out here? Could it be that this function is only available in MDM 5.5 SP6? We are on SP5. But I thought at least the normal text will appear.

In summary the email set up that I have done so far are:

1. Set up mail server in MDS ini file

2. Set up email address for the approver and administrator in Console > Admin > Users.

Thanks very much for any help rendered.



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