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Determine ticket status - SAP CRM

Nov 04, 2016 at 04:12 PM


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Hey everyone

I need to determine the active status of a ticket. But when I look in the crm_jest table. They are incidents with multiple active ones. Can anyone help me get the right one?

Kinds regards


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Spencer Liang
Nov 06, 2016 at 11:35 PM

Dear Matthijs,

Your question "which is the right one" is a wrong question. We cannot tell which is right.

Let me explain.

In SAP transaction, there should be only one active user status. Because you always change status from the old to the new. The old shall be set to inactive and the new is added to crm_jest and set to active (INACT empty).

You are having 2 active user status E0008 and E0011. This is a wrong behavior. You need to find out why 2 user status are active at the same time.

Here are some troubleshooting hints.

1, you need to find out how to reproduce it. It means find what operation on WebUI or GUI will add the new status without setting the old to inactive. You may refer to change history to find the clues of the reproducing steps.

2, once you can reproduce it, you may set watchpoint at (saplcrmbsva)jest_buffer to find when the new status is set and backtrack the code to find out the root cause.


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Thanks, I think it's just people being lazy and changing it manually.


Hi Mat,

this is not possible.

Your end users can change user status on the webui only. The system will set old to inactive and add the new to crm_jest as active user status. Your end user has no influence on the inactive flag in crm_jest at all.

On the other hand, change it manually require high expertise of abap debugging and troubleshooting.

In se16, crm_jest has primary key client, guid and the E number, which can be modified at all, the user can only manually change the inactive flag. To change it manually, the end user has to log on the GUI, open and find the entry in se16, set /h to trigger debugging, change runtime value of some variable to EDIT, and MANUALLY delete the inactive flag for some user status record. I do not think this is quite possible.

This is my suggestion you need to fix it. It is probably not because of someone's laziness.



I'll try and figure it out.

Thanks for your useful answers.