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Nov 27, 2008 at 04:03 PM

Grouping phases under matching operation



I need to group operations and phases under a particular segment on the target side. That is, put together all the phases under the related operations under a segment on the target side.

But the data coming in for the operations and the phases are from a single segment on the source side -basically, I need to group the phases for a specific operation under a segment on the target side.

There is a specific condition to be satisfied while grouping the phases under a specific operation - it is that: the value of the field - say 'y' - of the phase should match the value of the - say 'x' - field of the operation.

How can I go about this grouping of the phases? What are the functions that should be used?

As of now, I am able to get together all the operations. But not the phases under the operations (as I am unable to refer to the operation's 'x' field).

How can I refer to the parent node's specific field value from a child node so that I can proceed with grouping the phases under the respective operation?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.