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Nov 27, 2008 at 08:27 AM

Idoc to database and after the successful updation a email has to send


Hi i got this scenario,

when a production order is released in R/3 , it should send to a legacy system's Database which is present at the shop floor level. After updating that required information a mail should be sent to a predefined email id informing that a order has been created.

Source: SAP ERP (LOIPRO01 idoc)

target: 1. Database(SQL) 2.mail

Tcode : CO01 (Create production order)."

how to achieve this . i got some idea.. but i am clear in that .and confusion over creating the msg type ,msg interface

1. Async idoc->bpm->sync jdbc->receiver mail adapter

(but how to get the response from legacy system database.. can we use RFC or Bapi.. do we predifined

RFC and Bapis.. or tell me the Bapi code for this)

2.Client proxy->jdbc->mail

im not clear this coz i dnt much abt proxies.

plz help me