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Nov 27, 2008 at 06:10 AM

Splitting large message (60MB) based on payload data



I have a file (Flat) to file (xml) scenario. The source flat file is being read by FCC. Since the source flat file is large (upto 60MB) so I have to split it into small files then I have applied "recordset per messages" in FCC level to split large file into small ones. But the clients requirement is to split the large document based on payload data (that is DeliveryDate). That means I cannt split the message based on number of rows of flat file instead I have to split the file on the basis of DeliveryDate so that after splitting into small files, each small file should contain data for exactly one date (say in one file data for 15th NOV and in another file data for 16NOV and so on).

Please suggest some solution to split the large file (60MB) based on payload data(DeliveryDate).


Madan Agrawal