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Nov 27, 2008 at 04:30 AM

FI-AA: 0DEPRAREA vs. 0ASSET_AFAB at cube level


Hello experts,

Though I've come across much valuable information on the latest BI Content FI-AA dataflow on SDN, I have a question outstanding that maybe one of you can help with:

Why isn't 0ASSET_AFAB (Depreciation Area Real or Derived) used in 0FIAA_C11, 0FIAA_C12, 0FIAA_C13 even though it is used as a key field for underlying DSOs? Instead 0DEPRAREA, which has no attributes, is used at Cube level. Is there any reason for this?

Even in older BI content InfoCubes for Asset Accounting, where both 0DEPRAREA and 0ASSET_AFAB are stored at Cube level (i.e. 0FIAA_C03), it seems 0DEPRAREA is the "primary" Depreciation Area field, while 0ASSET_AFAB is marked as derived by Routine (though routine is not provided)...

If you have any insight on why 0DEPRAREA versus 0ASSET_AFAB, please share the light!

Thanks much,