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SUP/SMP 2.2x vs. SMP 3.0 – Migration effort

Nov 04, 2016 at 02:32 PM


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I would like to understand in depth, that I must do to migrate an app SUP / SMP 2.2x vs. SMP 3.0, based on MBO. The current scenario is:

Native App WM -> SUP 2.2 -> MBOs is to lead to:

Native Android App -> SMP 3.0 -> oData

What is the effort I should do to make this migration?

You can reuse the application developed in SUP?

Thank you so much.


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Andreas Wegmann
Nov 07, 2016 at 09:53 AM

Hi Carlos,
from a server perspektive the path for a MBO runtime upgrade would be as follows:
SUP 2.2.x - SMP 2.3.4

SMP 2.3.4 - SMP 2.3.8

SMP 2.3.8 - SMP 3.0 MBO runtime Sp11 PL01

SMP 2.3.8 can be installed directly on SMP 2.3.4

SMP 3.0 MBO runtime SP11 can be installed directly on SMP 2.3.8

For the application development I would recommend to rebuild your application.
In case you want to use an OData online app for the future you would need to use the new SMP 3.0 server runtime installation which would be different from the SMP 3.0 MBO runtime.

If you want to use OData offline you can decide either to use the new MBO facade concept with SMP 3.0 MBO runtime
(see )

or the SMP 3.0 server runtime which also offers an OData offline concept
(see )



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