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May 16, 2018 at 11:19 PM

SOLMAN 7.2 SR1 Java Stack system not appearing in MP after uploading SysInfoExport.xml


Our current SOLMAN is 7.1 and we decided to do a new install 7.2 instead of upgrading from 7.1. Because the new 7.2 system has a new SID for ABAP and Java stack, in the other word, they don't exist in MP.

I was successfully updating MP with the new system of the ABAP stack and it does show up in MP. However, after successfully uploading the Java stack SysInfoExport.xml to MP, the Java stack system is not showing in MP. NOTE that the uploading of xml file was successful, i.e. no error.

I checked the content of the SysInfoExport.xml and it does have information of SOLMAN 7.2 along with Netweaver components information.

Any advice?