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Copy specific condition type value (pricing) from PR to PO

May 16 at 10:45 PM


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Hello experts,

I have a requisition to copy one specific pricing condition value from PR to another one within the PO. (Example: Copy the value from condition ZP01 from PR to the condition ZP01 on the PO).

Ps: The pricing in the PR is from a service, not material.

Is it possible to be achieved with standard customizing? I've already tried a few configurations when defining the condition types and also when defining the calculation schema, but with no success.

If it is not possible through standard customizing, could you please suggest how can I do it? Maybe using any BADI or user exit (any suggestion will be appreciated) ?


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1 Answer

Myra Zhao
May 16 at 11:55 PM

If you set the flag "Reduction of Purchase Requisition Commitment" in transaction ML91.
Then in case you create new service PR with service condition, when you convert the PR, the condition from PR will be copied to PO.

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Unfortunately it didn't work. Or I didn't perform all the needed configurations, or this flag is not useful for my needs :(

Are you sure that it will copy the value from my condition ZP01 (for example) from the PR to my condition ZP01 within the PO? I've already managed to make the ZP01 show up into the PO pricing, but it has the value "0". The value from the PR is not being copied.

Thanks for trying to help!


You must make sure not maintain the service condition in ML33/ML39/ML45 for the service number that has been used in PR. And setting in ML91 will only have effect on the new PR.


Hello Myra,

I'm facing exactly that problem! When I use a service that is not maintained the condition is copied. When I use one that is maintained, the condition is not copied. But I can't use a service that is not maintained, because here in my client the PR is always created from a contract, and the contract have the service, so automatically it gets a "package number" which maintain its value. So, if I use the service that is within the contract, my condition is not copied.

I had no idea that this behavior of "not copying when the service is maintained" was standard. Where can I see this configuration?

Thanks again, and I appreciate any ideas for helping me in this scenario.


The pricing behavior for the services is provided in the note: 499722 , For your scenarios kindly go through the point 5 of the note. For services condition record has the priority and if no condition records are maintained then the PR price is taken into consideration.

The setting in ML91 cannot change this behavior.