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Former Member
Nov 26, 2008 at 10:41 AM

Can anybody help me out as to how this has to be done?wats the check table?


1. u201CZu201D customizing table to be maintained through TCode SM30 with the following fields:

 Sales Organization

i. **Check Table: V_TVKO

ii. Note: asterisk * could be used as wild card for Sales Organizations

 Order Type

i. Check Table: V_TVAK

 Order Reason

i. Check Table: V_TVAU

ii. Note: more than one order reason can exist for the same combination of Sales Organization and Order Type.

 Order Reason Text

i. Check Table: V_TVAU

2. This u201CZu201D Table should be read every time the Match Code for the Order Reasons is selected when maintaining any kind of Sales Order:

 Sales Order: VA01, VA02, VA03.

 Inquiry: VA11, VA12, VA13

 Quotations: VA21, VA22, VA23

 Scheduling Agreements: VA31, VA32, VA33

 Contracts: VA41, VA42, VA43