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PI 7.1 in a cluster environment (multiple ip-adresses): P4 port

We want to install PI 7.1 on unix in a cluster environment.Therefore we installed also DEV+QA with virtual hostnames like the prodsystem, which will be later installed.

At all sapinst installation screens we have used only the virtual hostname <virtual-hostname-server interface>.We have also set the SAPINST_USE_HOSTNAME=<virtual-hostname-server interface>. Although the P4-port seems to have used the physical hostname: in step 57 of sapinst we got problems and in dev_icm were:

[Thr 05] *** ERROR => client with this banner already exists:
1:<physical-hostname>:35644 {000306f5} [p4_plg_mt.c 2495]

After we have set

icm/server_port_1 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<virtual-hostname-server interface>

icm/server_port_6 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<virtual-hostname-user interface>

icm/server_port_7 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<physical hostname>

icm/server_port_8 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=

the sapinst was successfull.

Now we're not sure how to set these P4-parameters in our future productive cluster environment.

Our productive system PX1 will live in a HA environment, so we don't want to use the physical hostnames in any profile.

Our environment will look like:

HOST-A (<physical-hostname-A>):

<virtual-hostname-server interface>

<virtual-hostname-user interface>

HOST-B (<physical-hostname-B>):


Normally our prodsystem will live on Host-A (physical-hostname-A). All parameters should

only take the virtual hostname <virtual-hostname-server-interface>. During switchover the

virtual hostnames (server and user interface) will be taken over to HOST-B, while the physical

hostnames of HOST-A and HOST-B will stay like there are.

How do the parameters have to be set here ?

Have also the physical hostnames of both cluster nodes set in the

instance profile, e.g:

icm/server_port_1 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<virtual-hostname-server interface>

icm/server_port_6 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<virtual-hostname-user interface>

icm/server_port_7 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<physical-hostname-A>

icm/server_port_8 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<physical-hostname-B>

icm/server_port_9 = PROT=P4,PORT=5$$04, HOST=<localhost>

Any recommendations ? In note 1158626 is some infomation regarding P4 ports with multiple network interfaces, but it's not 100% clear for us.

Best regards,


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    Nov 26, 2008 at 10:07 PM

    Hi Uta!

    Obviously we are the only human beings in the SAP community having this problem. Nevertheless let's give it another try with a - hopefully - more simple problem description (and maybe it will be helpful to copy and paste this description into the open SAP CSN also).

    So here comes the scenario:

    We have one physical host:

    Physical hostname: physhost

    Physical IP address:

    On this physical host there is running one OS: SUN Solaris 10/SPARC

    On top of this we have two virtual hosts where we install 2 completely independent PI 7.1 instances with separate virtual hostnames and separate virtual IP addresses and separate DB2 9.1 databases. That is this is not an MCOD installation.

    Virtual Host no. 1 is PI 7.1 Development System:

    Virtual hostname: virthostdev

    Virtual IP address:

    Java Port numbers: 512xx

    Virtual Host no. 2 is PI 7.1 QA System:

    Virtual hostname: virthostqa

    Virtual IP address:

    Java Port numbers: 522xx

    With this constellation we face serious problems with the P4 port. Currently for example the JSPM for virthostdev does not start, because JSPM cannot connect to the P4 port.

    In SAP note 1158626 we have learned that by default always the physical hostname/IP address is used to address the P4 port and that we have to configure instance profile parameter icm/server_port_xx to avoid this.

    So how do we have to configure the instance profile parameter icm/server_port_xx for both systems to resolve these P4 port conflicts?

    Additionally: Is it important to use distinct server port slot numbers xx in both systems?

    Additionally: Is it possible to configure this parameter with hostnames instead of using IP addresses?

    So far we have tried several combinations, but with each combination at least one or even both systems have problems with that f.... P4 port.

    Please help! Thanx a lot in advance!



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    • Former Member

      Hi Volker

      I am not proficient towards the topic so cant help much

      But my understanding is till PI 7.0 we were able to set all 3 environments to same P4 but with PI 7.1 only two can set for the P4 port. In your case for one system any combination you try you will get problem.

      Did you check with the P4 available for HTTP tunneling and SSL. if you set them as P4 for the third instance still getting issue?